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My woocommerce products don’t show product image in shop page and the products are listed horizontally. It’s not a theme problem because i’ve changed the site theme to different themes but it is still having the same problem


my shop page is

Helper V

You must check the settings for image in woo commerce, contact them or give me your wp login details via PM so I can check it

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Hi all,


We have set up an online store and are getting close to launching but have to work through the website errors or things we can't figure out. The main issue we are having is figuring out how to add several colours and sizes for the same product. For example we have a T-shirt which we have in black and grey and we stock 3 different sizes. Currently we have each one added to the product list and in the heading we put the size however for a customer browsing our store this looks very unprofessional and confusing. Any help you can provide would be great.