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    [Beginner] Why is my VPS server always down?

    We're currently running a web-based membership system on our VPS. And from time to time, we discover that our membership system gets stuck on loading the data from the database. We try to open cpanel but it's also down and wont load. We've invested a lot of money into this. Can anybody help? We're currently using a Linux VPS with 1GB RAM. Is it because of the load that the VPS couldnt handle it?

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    Re: [Beginner] Why is my VPS server always down?

    Hey @zgodota,


    If you suspect the cause to be related to high load on the server, you may want to reach out to our live support to investigate the server while the issue is occurring. Unfortunately, no one here in the community would have access to review the current load on the server to confirm if it is the cause.


    Keep us posted on your progress troubleshooting this.


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