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    CPanel Linux cannot ssh

    I've not had any luck connecting via ssh to a new hosting cpanel package. The VPS connects fine with FTP. I've enabled SSH, tried creating keys and using them in putty. Removed the keys and tried without. Neither way lets me connect. I get a "server unexpectedly closed connection" and see nothing. 


    Am I missing something? Also everytime I revisit the SSH settings, I'm asked to Enable them. Is that normal?


    Anyone have any advice?

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    Hi @conceptrx,

    That's weird, try using the console from GoDaddy's cPanel and restarting sshd.

    Regards, R. Zelnick
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    Advocate V

    @conceptrx I have a couple of sites that I access using PUTTY.  I don't use keys.  Instead, I use the UID/PWD for the primary FTP account.  Maybe try that?

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    I'm on Windows, but I'm using Git Bash, which uses Bash and that's usually what Linux uses depending on the distro. I was able to connect with specialFTPusername@domain or specialFTPusername@IP 

    You don't need keys, but apparently you do need to use your Special FTP Account. If you don't know the password you can reset it from the hosting page.

    If it still isn't working then your IP is most likely blocked from failed attempts and you need to call and get it unblocked.