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    Connecting Database to C# android application

    Can anyone offer any assistance with connecting a mysql database to an android C# application. The application takes a form and input the data into the correct fields. I am having trouble connecting to the database. If you need anymore clarification, please let me know. Thanks in advance for anyone that can help with this.

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    Hi @tby


    I'm afraid we don't have any specific documentation on connecting a database to a mobile device. My best advise would be try your preferred search engine results for a tutorial using which ever mobile application you're attempting to connect with.


    Beyond that, maybe another member here has had experience before with connecting to a database using a mobile device. If so, maybe they can share the steps they followed to get it working here?

    KayJay - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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    Helper V

    How did you develop the application? Did you use Visual Studio or some other IDE? If VS then what type of project is it?


    Where is the database?


    What articles have you read that explains how to do what you are doing? What in particular explains how to connect to a database and what part are you having problems with? What have you tried? What is the results?


    I might not be able to help but anyone that can help will need more information.