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    Deploy multi-tier web application on GoDaddy VPS

    Dear Team,

    My use case is as follows and I'm looking forward to a solution using GoDaddy VPS (Or some other service that can deliver me the given use case).

    I have a 3 tier web application which comprises of 3 layers / virtual networks - web, application and database.

    The web layer is required to host a cluster of web servers load balanced using round robin OR least connection algorithm. The web servers will share a common NAS storage to access web pages.

    The web application layer is going to host the app server - registered users will log-in to the app and perform their operations. The application is supposed to be accessible from internet north bound and should be able to access secured MySQL database from south-bound. The applicaiton is designed to work in a stateless mode using a state DB which will be hosted inside the app layer.

    The database layer will host a MySQL DB in a master slave design. The DB should NOT be accessible from internet. It can only be accessed either via applicaiton for use cases OR SSH via my laptop for management purpose.

    Please guide me with implementation level details of this use case. Thanks.
    I'm from India and available as per IST in case we need to talk.


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