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    Editing gdform.php to support file attachments.

    I created a very simple contact form using Dreamweaver asking for generic information and an image upload. In the email I receive with the submitted information all is good except the image. Instead of seeing the image, all I get is the image name like IMG_0123.jpg. I am guessing I need to edit the gdform.php file but not really sure.


    Any information would be helpful!

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    Community Manager

    Hi @summerspop

    I'm no coding expert, so I can't really help with editing that file. However, I know there are services out there that will help you build a php form that has the elements you want. I'd search online for something like "online form creation" to get started. That may be a better solution for what you're trying to do. 

    Also, wanted to let you know I updated the name of the post for better visibility 🙂


    How about everyone else? How do others in the Community create their forms? 


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