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    Email Deliverability / Reverse DNS (PTR) for VPS


    I was wondering if anyone with a VPS and properly configured DKIM and SPF records has successfully managed to avoid getting the Reverse DNS (PTR) error messages similar to the following within Cpanel's Email Deliverability:


    The system uses an alternate HELO of “” when sending mail from the “” domain.

    The system sends this domain’s outgoing mail from a private IP address, “99.999.99.99”. Reverse DNS does not work with private IP addresses because DNS does not store PTR records for them.

    The server may be misconfigured. For more information, contact your system administrator.


    Much appreciated in advance!



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    Getting Started

    I am having the same problem with my email deliverability.


    I went to cPanel and tried the following which did not work:


    Can you confirm if the /var/cpanel/cpnat file exists on this server? You can check by executing the following command while logged in via SSH (Terminal) as root:

    cat /var/cpanel/cpnat

    If the file exists and is setup properly, the output of the above command should display the private IP address and public IP address on a single line. If it does not exist, run the following command to automatically populate this file with the correct IP addresses:



    Has anyone solved this problem?  

    My emails are not being delivered from my website.  I fixed everything but the part about emails being sent from a private IP address.





    Has anyone found a solution to this?  


    I am getting this on a new CentOS 7 server.  I am in the midst of migrating my domains from my existing CentOS 6 server.  


    Interestingly, on the CentOS 6 server (which I have been using for several years), the PTR message for a domain shows a different error:


    The system sends “”’s outgoing email from the “” IP address. The only PTR value for this IP address must be “”. This is the name that this server sends with SMTP’s “HELO” command to send “”’s outgoing email.

    1 unexpected PTR value exists for this IP address:


    To fix this problem, contact your system administrator and request that they replace all PTR records for “” with the following record at “” and “”:

    Suggested “PTR” (PTR) Record PTR

    I have not solved this yet.  In my WHM the A record for the server is a private IP address and I've not figured out how to change it to the IP address of the server.  I think that is where the problem is.


    Also, my email goes out from my websites.  It is often rejected by Outlook servers.  It goes through to gmail OK.  So I think the reverse DNS problem does block the emails from getting to some accounts.


    All the best,

    Helper II

    There is good news and bad news.

    The bad news, Godaddy does not allow you to send mail and blocks the mail port 25 by default (in its router I think, so enabling it on your VPS will not help). The reason is if someone uses Godaddy VPS to send SPAM the servers will be black listed which is not good... we don't want servers hosted on Godaddy to have a bad reputation.


    The Good News

    Every VPS has a way to send mail using "SMTP relay server", the link to the server should be in your VPS server control panel... and it is ready to use....

    All you need to do is tell you VPS .... "Yo ... you can't send mail, you're not allowed... contact this guy he's called "SMTP relay server" hand him the mail and he will send it for you"


    Your server will ask you "How can I do that?"

    You will replay "Use a SmartHost" and install in into Centos add the "SMTP relay server" guy and let him deliver your mail

    !!! Godaddy will only deliver no more than 5,000 E-letter a day need to send more click here !!!!


    Where can you get SmartHost ... there are so many types on the internet ...just google Smarthost on Centos 7 or What is the best Smarthost.


    Good luck to you all