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    Extremely slow performance - MYSQL queries


    Im having trouble with a php site I made.

    Its performing extremely slow.

    I think it has something do with MYSQL queries. I have same site on another hosting company and the site behaves without a problem.

    I contacted support, but they didn't help me much.


    What should I do? do I get these kind of issues checked by GoDaddy?

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    Community Manager

    Heya, welcome to the forums. Some questions for you:


    • Is it something you coded from scratch, or are you using a CMS like WordPress/Drupal/Joomla?
    • What hosting plan are you on?
    • What have you done so far for troubleshooting?
    • What's your website URL?

    The more detail you provide, the more help others can provide. 🙂

    Senior Community Manager, GoDaddy Pro
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