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    Funny thing

    I have the same problem since I first purchased the vps..


    This site can’t be reached



    cpanel and whm
    Internal Server Error


    Can't fork: Cannot allocate memory...... InOut.pm line 44.


    all this happens occasionally and sometimes the websites stuck for many hours then work for minutes.


    even when i change cpanel memory and tweak settings ...

     websites have no traffic yet since i didn't really use except for testing because the hosting was not reliable for me since the beginning.


    At the end they ask me for back up and server rebuilding and things that im not supposed to do


    and to be logical it will not work even if i waste more time on this. because it was not working since the beginning and all the time im just waiting.


    i will wait to see if i get any help from here.



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    Re: Funny thing



    I am getting the same error. Could you tell me what the solution was ?




    Any support from Godaddy would also be very welcome. We are irritated with this problem

    Helper II

    Re: Funny thing

    So I see that it is not just me but most VPS do get this message... I even reset the server and install the OS fresh ... still keep getting the


    Can't fork: Cannot allocate memory at

    Internal Server Error



    I spent almost a whole day with support and no help at all....


    The Deluxe  web-hosting never had this problem .. was faster and cost few hundred dollars less... maybe it is time to move from VPS to Shared Hosting to solve this and other problems.....