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    How to open port 2195 for Apple push notification?

    Hi, How do i open port 2195 for push notification? Do I need to contact the provider or i can do it manually through cpanel?



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    Community Manager

    Hi, @brucecambo. Welcome to GoDaddy Community! If you're hosted on one of our shared hosting plans, you wouldn't be able to open any ports that are currently closed. If you're hosting your content on a VPS or Dedicated Server,  you may be able to open the port. If that's the case, I'd suggest adding more information about your server environment. Someone else may be able to suggest how to open ports. 


    JesseW - GoDaddy | Community Manager | 24/7 support available at | Remember to choose a solution and give likes.

    I also need open the port 2195 and 2196 for Push Notification! In Hostgator they could do it for their customers without VPS or dedicated Server! Could you please help or we have to change the host supplier ? Thanks in advance!

    Kind of sick of getting this response and the run-around to try to get us to upgrade our package. We have the same issues, but we have a VPS and as far as we can tell Ports 2195 and 2196 are not accessible to us via our management portal. Please just provide us with their location and how we can turn these on already.

    I had to upgrade to VPS to be able to open port 2195. Now that I have upgraded, I still can't get anyone to tell me how to open the port. They now want me to upgrade to fully managed service which is $3600. But that does guarantee showing me how to open the port.


    Were you able to find a solution to the subject question? I'm trying to do the same thing and turn on peer verification.

    Hi Bruce


    Did you get any success on it? I am facing the same problem on GoDaddy VPS trying to get 2195 open from iOS push notification but getting no help from GoDaddy support.