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    IPv6 not reachable

    I have ipv6 addresses allocated (had them allocated for a few years and they were reachable before) and after last maintenance ipv6 addresses are not reachable. Support (chat) refuses to understand this problem. Anyone had the same issue?


    $ ip -6 nei show
    2607:f208:500:1c::1 dev eth0 FAILED





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    Re: IPv6 not reachable

    I'm having the same problem.  My ipv6 address was reachable before and the configuration hasn't changed since it was originally configured.  But recently the address isn't reachable and I can't ping an ipv6 address from the server either.


    I see the same issue with the gateway.


    $ ip -6 nei show

    2607:f208:500:21::1 dev eth0  FAILED


    I can ping my ipv4 gateway but not the ipv6 gateway.  I called tech support, but they were not able to help with the problem.  The person talked to a more senior tech, but they claimed that everything is fine and it must be the server.  Not very helpful.


    The ipv6 address and gateway on eth0 aren't documented anywhere, although tech support said those are correct.  The addresses documented on the control panel are configured on the loopback adapter.  Again, this is how the server was originally configured and worked in the past.


    Re: IPv6 not reachable



    Thanks for posting this question. Only our 2nd generation virtual private servers support IPv6 currently. If you're using one of those servers and experiencing issues with IPv6, please let our Hosting Support Department know.

    Aaron | GoDaddy - Managed Services