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    Installing Perl on CentOS 7 - Cloud Servers

    I'm trying to install my control panel cpanel on a CentOS cloud server but whenever I try to install Perl I am not able to do so since I'm not logged in as root user (only admin), how can I switch/enable/access root user in my cloud server?, I can see that in the automatic set-up of the server SSH remote root login is automatically disabled, so through which means would I be able to access it?


    My apologies for the dumb question and would really appreciate the support!

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    Hi @javier2,


    Are you able to:

    sudo -s

    This will create a sudo session until you type:


    Where it will take you back to normal user. Must add that using sudo allows you to do anything on your system and can completely wreck everything if you don't know what you are doing. It also requires your root password to be entered!

    Try this......