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    Issues with Configuring Cloudfare with GoDaddy VPS. Please help!

    Hi there


    I am running websites https://www.3d-era.com and https://forum.3d-era.com.


    I have been configuring the CDN provided by Cloudflare and switching name-server from my own to Cloudfare's. Everything was running smooth, however when i wake up today i see error 521 web server is down showing on my page. 


    I am speaking with Cloudflare's representatives and they ran some test for me and the result shows that Godaddy's IP doesn't allow any connections from both Cloudflare and Public IP. 


    Are there Godaddy engineer out there can help me for this issue? It is very urgent as my whole site is down for 10 hours already, PLEASE!!

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    Wow, I didn't know VPS will be such a lonely journey.


    I just updated my server, called for help and they said to me that they can't help me. That I have to wait for a "technical" chat to appear on my account. The "technical chat" haven't appeared during the whole day.


    After seeing this post never answered I'm starting to get nervous about support. I understand it is auto managed but anyway, some support can help, it is not a cheap plan.

    go to UpWork n find some real specialist who can help you. Sometimes Godaddy’s support is limited.