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    Helper II

    LAMP vs NGINX - What's your preference?

    LAMP has been my go-to stack for as long as I can remember, but I'm seeing more of NGINX, especially with intermediate/advanced-level WordPress development.


    The VVV development setup for Vagrant, for example, is all NGINX.


    So now I'm wondering if I should always default to NGINX for anything PHP.



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    Advocate I

    I have not been as impressed with hosting running NGINX as most people seem to be.


    The problem is that the real bottleneck is the PHP when you get a server with multiple sites.

    So at that point, it's time to look for faster PHP, not get stuck in Apache vs. NGINX - HHVM or I've been hearing great things about PHP 7.


    You can also look at using Apache with Varnish to improve your speed and load times. I have reconfigured several VPSs with it and it works very well.


    With NGINX ... I think you see the problems of using software with a smaller community. For example, there is less documentation, fewer available modules, less discussion, more being "on your own" with troubleshooting, and so on.