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    Mails sending failed

    My VPS has arround 67+ website and all clients are complaining that their mails returning with bounce message


    SMTP error from remote mail server after end of data: 552 5.2.0 ncCch7vSArBZ2 Smiley Very HappyED: Access to this mail system has been blocked for due to spam activity. Spam was seen coming from this IP, and possibly other scripts running on it. For help resolving the issue, see http://x.co/spamclean. Once the compromise has been cleaned, please contact customer support to remove the block.


    I Already fixed the issue and asked Godaddy many time but mails are still not started. It is very frustrating because clients are loosing business due to not able to send reply from last 3 days. They are asking refund and their important mails and communication has been stopped from last 3 days. I have scanner full VPS also all my PC , disabled php mail() function and Changed all passwords, updated software/cms on VPS also I investigation and logs I found one of my client sent welcome mails to their students as new session was started, then I contacted them and asked them not to send any mail again and buy third party service like mailchimp  to send mails. They agreed and from last 3 days mail sending was suspended and my all 60+ clients also not able to send any mail they are calling me again and again. Please activate mails right now.

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    Re: Mails sending failed



    First off I'm sorry to hear that you are having mail issues on your server. Those of us here in the community are end users just like you so we will not be able to adjust the sending from the server.


    What I can offer is my 2 cents of advise....personally, I never host email on any of the web servers I run - besides for having the IP blacklisted - mail can very quickly eat up space on a server as well possibly slow down the server. 


    As my clients don't need Google Suite or Office 365 - I have 2 solutions I use - for those with 5 users or less that only need webmail - Zoho Mail is a great solution (for free) and for those who need POP/IMAP I use OpenSRS which is $0.50/5GB mailbox 


    These are services which are just mail servers and so you don't have to worry about one client doing something and affecting all the other clients you have.



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