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    Manage Root's SSH Keys -- Import or Create a New Key, PuTTY Error

    PuTTY and WHM wont co-operate. Why is this so difficult to create two keys, put one here, and one there? Can someone please point me to an actual document that works, including any reference to Wheel Groups if needed. If PuTTY alternative exists that I can copy/paste the OpenSSH key I'd love to know that too. I can't stand that dot ppk file thing. It seems that the alternatives are all PuTTY based. 


    I can login to SSH using username and password, which I turn off when not in use. I use Host Access Control sshd restriction by IP as well. It just aggravates the heck out of me that I can't copy and paste two keys! Putty says it's not a private key. When it does accept it then i get connection errors.

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    Re: Manage Root's SSH Keys -- Import or Create a New Key, PuTTY Error

    After generating the Keys you will need to convert the key to a ppk format for use with putty. If using the wrong key or the key is in the incorrect format login will fail. You need to be using the Private key converted to .ppk format. In Putty make sure you are entering the key under Auth at the bottom of the page. Here are some helpful links for setting up SSH in WHM.

    SSH Access

    How to Secure SSH