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    New Win2016 VPS, Port 80, Windows Activation

    It's not a rant, but sharing my knowledge. 

    Got my new VPS setup yesterday (3/21). ran into 2 issues:


    1) Port 80 was occupied (and didn't let Apache to server to use it). "netstat -ab" didn't indicate the executable, even though PID was set to 4 (indicating the some system service).


    In the end it turned out to be "Windows Remote Management" service. I turned off the service and put it to "Disabled" mode so it doesn't start automatically.


    Question to GoDaddy. Is the service used by GoDaddy at all? Isn't Nydus not enough?


    2) On the initial remote desktop access (right after the VPS deployment), the Windows 2016 declared itself as "not Activated".
    It seems however after the restart the activation status changed to "Activate"

    Looks like a glitch of the deployment. 


    But, so far so good! 


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    Thanks for providing this feedback!  We are looking into these issues you reported and will make adjustments to provide a higher quality Windows 2016 VM to customers.  Thanks again!

    so the Activation problem is out-there!


    seems to be either loosing its Activation information, or never had it done properly in the first place.


    I can see "Activate Windows" water mark on RDP 



    Also, the server restarts periodically (once a day) with the 

    License Activation (slui.exe) failed with the following error code:
    Command-line arguments: