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    Official Announcement of GoDaddy Devices, Hardware and Equipment

    Accordingly, everyone knows about the world class services GoDaddy has provided over the years, but the question now is when will the official announcement of GoDaddy brand devices, hardware and equipment will be?


    As a gesture of pole positioning, companies like Dell and Acer are good running mates for entering the hardware market, their track record of producing quality mid-priced equipment should be a benchmark for every reseller to observe. Anything from smartphones, netbooks, tablets, desktops, monitors, gateways, workstations, blade servers and more are open opportunity calls for profit makers. And again, the autonomous surround environment that GoDaddy has created for its clients is uncontested as being ripe for cloud developers.


    Again, in building working relations with small, medium and large customer bases, it is an issue of time before the official announcement of the GoDaddy Hardware Division is made to the general public. In using anything from crowd-sourcing sites like Crunchbase to more intimate corporate funding, stakeholders such as resellers should be grandfathered into the new division, with developers leading the pack in creating GoDaddy server friendly cloud based technologies such as KVM, VMware, CloudNebula and countless others.


    Together, we all can motivate the drive and push the company to win over the mid-priced hardware market. Go GoDaddy hardware.

    Stacy Staples (Habatchii)
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