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    Online Store Orders

    Posted this previously, but it somehow ended up in the wrong forum, and I couldn't find a way to move or delete it.


    I have been asked to write some software that could pull orders, complete with order details, from a GoDaddy online store, for the purpose of comparing the orders with current inventory, and preparing orders from suppliers to fulfill the orders.  


    Does anyone know of a way to pull the orders, with details, from a GoDaddy online store?  Everything I have been able to find points to downloading the orders directly from the store as a CSV, which would be fine, except the CSV file received doesn't contain any order detail information. It is basically useless for any purpose other than seeing how much money you got, and from who.


    Any help anyone has would be greatly appreciated.  The software would be written in C#.




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    Why would you download a CSV file and not a SQL file? You could have XAMP on your computer and import the database file into it. Then you could manipulate the database info in any way you saw fit. XAMP is normally free and MAMP (for Mac) is too if you just want the basic PHPadmin and MySQL usage which to be honest is what 99% of folk would use.

    But viewing your CSV file in Excel or similar? Hmmmm. Thing is, if you can download the CSV file then you should be able to export the SQL file too.

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    Oh, yes,

    Rather than reinventing the wheel, MySQL is written in 'C'. The program you want has already been invented..... MySQL, unless you believe you can improve upon it.

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    In fact this doesn't make much sense....... unless?

    I do hope you are referring to a online store that you own?

    Because if you are then really MySQL has it covered and I can't see why this isn't obvious.

    @Retired, the question is:

    • Does anyone know of a way to pull the orders, with details, from a GoDaddy online store?

    Note that the question did not ask how to use a CSV to do that, it said that others said that use of a CSV is a possible solution.


    So instead of criticizing something that was not said, can you answer the question?


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    Yes @SamHobbs,

    actually I could but my philosophy is simple, I don't work for free. @LarryDietz Will most likely be getting paid to do this, if not he should be, so I'm sorry I'm not about to work out the algorithm and then the code, all for a kudos (if lucky) If someone wants to pay me a fair price then I may. (Fair as in at least £200 per day plus vat)

    I don't mind helping folk, genuine folk, but I'm not helping folk make easy money.

    as far as pulling the details I was trying to say having a database to download the info into on his home computer was a way. 

    @rammsteinium wrote:

    as far as pulling the details I was trying to say having a database to download the info into on his home computer was a way. 

    I doubt that you understand that GoDaddy does not want us to do that so they don't make it easy. You are assuming it is as easy as it is for a typical database. That assumption is the problem.


    I have written C++ programs to parse reports to extract the data so it could be converted to different software. I have written "web-scraping" software, such as in Introduction to Web Site Scraping, to get data from web sites. It is likely that the easiest solution here is a web-scraping solution, and parsing/scraping is not easy to do; certainly not as easy as exporting the data.

    I posted to the wrong discussion.

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    @SamHobbs wrote:

    @Retired, if I wanted to "show off" then I would tell you about the program I wrote that parsed the manufacturing instructions written for use by people of various aircraft, such as the Lockheed YF-22. The manufacturing instructions consisted of tools and material and was not written to be understood by the computer. Lockheed wanted to convert the data to different software, the same software used for their unclassified aircraft.


    In this case, the hard part is not writing the code, the hard part is knowing the requirements. The code is one way to communicate the requirements.

    you just did 🙂

    And you wrongly assume that I don't hand code all my work and so there is nothing that I can't code or do. So often I simply don't understand the difficulties that most people face, I see things like " my mail don't work" and similar stuff all the time and I'm left just scratching my head as it's so simple once you know how to code it. How can it not work I'm left thinking. I have never found godaddy to limit me in any way whatsoever. I use proprietary software as little as anyone sensibly can and maybe that's a clue. 

    But im not here to see how high I can wee up the wall. Please don't waste your time trying to troll me. 

    @Retired, I deleted that post within a minute after posting it. Also, please avoid insults such as "troll".

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    I am busy making tea for my two disabled kids. Please stop messaging me.