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    Out going email from Laravel application



    I have recently purchased a shared hosting plan + free domain / email to run some tests on an application we are building.  I have deployed the application to the shared hosting plan and everything seems to work except for outbound email.


    Typically we hook up to Mailgun or Mailtrap but that is not working, I have read some older posts that state GD block this....not sure if that is true or not.


    I have also setup an email account that came with the shared hosting plan (o365) and tried to use this to send an email to itself.  However this did not seem to work either.


    I also read about using relay-hosting.secureserver.net with no credentials to send but no joy here.  Not sure if that will even work on my current plan.




    What is the correct way to use the shared hosting platform to allow a web application send out emails?




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    Re: Out going email from Laravel application

    Hi @GGT, thanks for posting.

    If you are trying send email from your hosting plan, the specific settings to use will depend on your hosting plan. You can find the different settings for the hosting plans in this article:



    Gary - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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    Re: Out going email from Laravel application

    Hi Gary,


    Thanks for the reply.  We have reviewed the information provided and unfortunately it seems GoDaddy is not the right hosting provider for this particular application. We are going to migrating this over to Digital Ocean as it seems a better fit.


    We will put this VPS to other uses, and if we have any trouble we will be in touch.



    Kind Regards