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    Sending email from VPS - Issues

    I want to set up email properly through my Virtual Private Server, I have the domain all set up, working, and cPanel all working for my primary domain. When I set up email in cPanel and send an email, it sends it from a weird email address.

    I want it to send it from say "info@mydomain.com", and it's actually sending it from "username@s000-00-00-000.secureserver.net" (the 0's being my server IP address).


    How do I fix this?

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    Re: Sending email from VPS - Issues

    Hey @Lucidity;


    Have you created the email address within cPanel using the steps outlined here? What you're describing sounds like the addresses haven't been configured to send from the domain name yet. 


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    Can send but not receive email on all my account on my VPS

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