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    Setting the Python Django app on godaddy vps

    Hello all correct me if this is not a good platform to ask the such server management questions. I have a VPS on godaddy on which i want to deploy my django site. There are bundle of problem which i am facing and i want solution the community or some suggestions. First of all i want to tell you that i have read the question and searched on this topic but all the articles were about 2 to 4 years, when godaddy did not support the python.

    Problem 1: I have VPS based upon CentOS, so first problem is there is python 2.6.6 and my app is on 2.7 so does it really matters? i tried to upgrade without breaking the yum but it did not upgrade the python and give error at pip install.

    Problem 2: I tried to deploy/host a simple welcome html page on but did not happened successfully. I used httpd along with apache for this simple site.

    I want some solution and i really banging my head for django app to be deployed on this server.

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    Re: Setting the Python Django app on godaddy vps

    I have had no luck in a weeks worth of trying.

    If i follow instructions and create an project under "django_projects" certain directories dont get produced.

    If i place my app under the included "Project" folder, then somehow the app folder "Project" affects my app??

    They've hard-coded apache server to serve up files from another directory.

    I'm at wits end. The documentation on godaddy hasnt been completely helpful. I'm willing to pay them to set it up but have been told they don't have anyone to do that? So who set it up in the first place? Very frustrating.

    Re: Setting the Python Django app on godaddy vps

    I agree with you completely mate. I am banging my head for about one week and at-last i call to support and they said that as you have vps so can do whatever it takes but there is not any kind of support available by godaddy team in this matter. You have to manage your own.

    There are many problems in setting the django app. One of the main problem is python 2.6.6 and Cpanel if you changed the version of the python yum break which also breaks the cpanel in the server.


    Re: Setting the Python Django app on godaddy vps

    hey guys any updates? could you deploy django on VPS?

    Re: Setting the Python Django app on godaddy vps

    I've had many similar problems. I've been able to get python2.7 installed with miniconda and Postgres installed. My most recent issue is that mod_wsgi requires apxs which does not appear to be installed in the default installation of apache. Apache is already using port 80 so nginx won't run properly. I'm still working on this but it looks like I flushed $400 on a vps that won't run Django. I should have gone with digital ocean