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    Setting up a timed Auction Application for an Art Auction House

    I have a client who currently hosts his art auctions externally. He is asking about hosting them in-house, on a dedicated server. Anyone ever set up such an application? Any recommendations for software etc.?

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    Wow, that's a big ask @Conor? I'd say that the solution depends on the website scale based off of volume. Are we talking one or two auctions per month or one or two auctions per day? How many total items are running at any given time?


    There are certainly several solutions that could work? Knowing what scale is key to determining the solution to select. Hope that helps?

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    Getting Started

    @rdhas some good questions here.


    You could be looking a small pre-built app like Magento or WordPress, or a fully developed custom app.

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    Hello, @Conor.


    A professional would begin with a requirements definition and then proceed to do a system analysis and other things.


    System designs typically consist of the UI and of the database. For this application, much of it will consist of membership and items. Much of it would overlap what a store does. You might begin with software developed for a store, but that is where spending time on the requirements definition can save money because if the store does not satisfy an important criteria then it could cost money to retrofit the software for the missing requirements.


    The database design should be something like Customers and Orders Data Model. You really should do something like that before writing any code. The more you do before writing code, the less time it will take to complete the project.


    A CMS like WordPress can help; it can easily be set up for membership but if you later discover it has limitations on what you can do that are a problem for you then it can cost money to convert. That is also where a good requirements definition can save money.


    Beginners typically use a solution that appears the easiest then spend extra time making the chosen solution work.