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    Site Performance Issues with VPS

    I am currently have a VPS unmanaged hosting with Godadday.


    my current VPS Windows server is facing performance issue?


    Can Godaddy help me to move to another parent server without any purchasing a new server?

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    Hi @sg4dsiao,


    To be honest changing servers doesn't always help a slow site, except if you live in Hong-Kong and have your server in Europe for example. Give your domain name and I can run some checks, otherwise a call to support may be needed.



    The godaddy server is in Sg and my site is for sg customers.

    I was told by godaddy support that they can move my server from Ms2008 to MS 20XX

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    Hi @sg4dsiao,


    Then let support do it if you think it may help. This forum is not support and support won't read your post here. I was suggesting some checks before you went to the trouble and perhaps extra expense of choosing another server.


    The fact you are in 'sg' (Singapore is actually easier to type than 'sg' if you have a operating system that corrects spellings, so why type 'sg'?), and your customers are also in Singapore points to it not being exclusively a server problem. 

    But without your domain name no speed checks can be made here, from anyone on the forum........


    Good luck!