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    Switched from shared to vps



    I have just purchased a vps because I want to upgrade from my current plan (shared hosting ultimate).


    I'm not sure what I have to do to have my domain use my server's IP. I changed the host name and nameserver in my vps zone editor and changed the A records in my DNS management to my server's IP. But when I try to change my dns nameserver, it says unavailable. Please assist. Thanks.

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    It seems like a situation where you just have to wait @Tae_df? If your VPS hosting is with GoDaddy and your domain is with GoDaddy you should be able to configure your domain settings with GoDaddy. Based off what you put forward in your question it seems like you changed all of the correct settings?


    Occasionally your domain will be temporarily unavailable because of pending changes. Typically after the settings resolve you can go back in and adjust other settings. I wish I could give you a timeframe but it varies quite a bit. Come back and let us know what happened with this if you get a chance. I hope that helps a bit?

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