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    Timezone on VPS Server

    Is there any way to stop the timezone on my VPS reverting back to UTC -7? I have for the last six months been developing a CRM project for a customer in the UK (UTC +0) and it is important that logged events, jobs, customer notes, diary events, etc are timestamped correctly.


    From a bit of Googling it appears that this behaviour is known about with GoDaddy, however there must be a solution as this kind of issue is just as problematic as the 'year 2000 bug' inasmuch as it makes it impossible to use the server for any scheduling / diarising systems with the system date/time changing backwards and forwards.

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    I had to write a very simple application that checks the current time zone every minute and moves it back to my desired zone when necessary.  More disturbing is the info I got while on the phone with support, they tell me it's not their problem, it can be fixed but only if I move to a managed server account (up sale) otherwise I have to find this mysterious solution myself.  For this reason I have named my time zone application "SuckItGoDaddy".