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    Trying to Insert linked content

    I have a Wordpress riding blog and use and app called Rever to log my rides. According to the help on the sight. I should be able to insert my ride into the post using the html below. that is from the Rever site. I would like the map to show up at the top of the post, like an image then have the use be able to click on the image/map to get to the jride details. 


    Thanks for any help




    <iframe src="https://a.rever.co/embed/rides/129010" width="700" height="700"></iframe><iframe src="https://a.rever.co/embed/rides/129010" width="700" height="700"></iframe>

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    Re: Trying to Insert linked content

    Hello @RoadRider13. Ordinarily I'd say you are able to use iframes but they should generally not be used. Looking at the website and knowing what you would like to accomplish it looks like that is about your only option. The iframe probably isn't working for you because of platform? What are you using for your website? WordPress? 

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    Re: Trying to Insert linked content

    Code like that can be inserted into a post using the text view.  At the top of the post editing box, you'll see two tabs... Visual and Text.  Click Text, find the place in the markup where you want the iframes and put the code there.


    Don't forget to hit update.


    Sometimes when I put code into text view and then switch to Visual, Wordpress takes liberties with the code I put in.  In cases like that, the only way to edit the post is in text view.

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