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    Unable to Connect RDC more than 4 days

    On 21st July 2020 we have received unexpected huge volume in my server (Windows 2016, 4CPU core, 8GB Ram) from that moment onwards i am not able to connect server through RDC, We tried help of customer cares says they can connect through test server but we not able to connect from different service providers...... If i tried for more than 50 to 100 attempts its getting connected one time.... Error reply No 1 "This Computer can't connect to remote computer. Try connecting again.If the problem continues, contact the owner of the remote computer or your network administrator." or Error reply No 2 "An Internal error occurred pls tray again later". So We have rebuild the server yesterday & install the software to avoid this issue but still the RDC issue is persist. Some of my friend says that your ip blocked at the time of huge load or usage once godaddy unblock that ip it will work fine. But none of them trying to understand my situation or issue in godaddy customer care. I have lost my customers due to this issues. Can anyone help me in this community, Am planning to quit from godaddy due to this issue,
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