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    Updating Kernel on Centos7 Virtuozzo install

    We bought a dedicated server, not a VPS. We had Godaddy put Centos7 on it since centos6 is EOL soon. They installed the virtuozzo edition of centos7 so I cannot update my kernel from within my WHM  (which also was not an option godaddy offered, I had to buy cp/whm separate. ) nor by SSH. How am I supposed to keep the kernel current with security updates?

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    Not sure if a VPS would work for you, but we are rolling out an updated VPS product that is a virtual machine and not a container.  You will be able to select CentOS 7 and update to the latest kernel as desired.  It is not yet available in the US yet, but If you go to our UK webpage you will be able to select a CentOS 7 VPS : https://uk.godaddy.com/hosting/vps-hosting.  The VPS can still be located in the US if you like.  We will be rolling out an updated dedicated server offering in the coming months as well.


    You may want to also change your currency from pound to dollar at the bottom of the page.  Hope that helps!

    Thanks but that doesn't answer how I keep my current server updated. Could support manually update the kernel if I requested it?



    Right. On your current platform you will need to call support and have a support ticket created to get your kernel updated.

    i chatted with support today and they assured me that the kernel on the parent server gets updated, yet when i run a uname-a it says december as the kernel date. they were clueless. This is not very good in terms of security.



    My understanding is that the parent servers *should* be getting patched, but sounds like yours has not yet been patched.  I would hope that asking support to create a ticket to patch your server out of the normal patching cycle would be honored and recommend that to anyone needing to have that done.  For this instance, I will look and see if I can find your server and expedite your patching request.

    well, currently the entire server is down for some reason. unreachable. ticket # 39327298