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    Upgrade From Legacy Hosting Procedure

    We currently have Value Virtual Private Hosting Windows and have received an email telling us that the service will be end of life from September 30th. So we need to arrange new hosting and the email suggested we move to the new Windows VPS Hosting.


    However I cannot find any information about making the transfer. The GoDaddy email was very lacking in details and I cannot find aything using the Help search.


    The important questions are :-


    Can our existing Windows Server setup be transferred to the new hosting?

    If it can will it be done automatically as part of the upgrade hosting or will we have to manually do it via backups?

    Or will we have to setup the new Server and all it's programs from new on a clean Server install?


    We only run one instance of SQL server which is hosting three databases for three websites using the Windows II's webserver but it's still going to be a lot of additional unwanted work if we have to do a new clean install and configure it all on the new server.


    If we have to do it all ourselves as a clean new install we will probably take the opportunity to compare other companies hosting. We have only stayed with GoDaddy and not looked at others  as it's too much hassle to move unless we have a  compeeling reason, like having to do a new install.





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    The best thing to do in this case is to call phone support and speak to the hosting department who can more clearly define the procedure for migration and get you set up with the best server that currently matches the one you're on. 


    I would say it's usually a fairly easy migratory process but things can get complicated depending on the complexity of your site. 

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    Thanks for the reply Joe.


    I thought I would end up having to phone support as I couldn't find any other way of contacting them and there was nothing in the FAQ's. But as other customers must also be effected I thought that I would post here in case someone already has the answers.


    When I get time I'll phone support and update this post with their answer as it may help someone else.