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    Helper II

    Useful tools for PHP?

    For the PHP crowd: What tools do you find especially useful, and why?


    Could be IDEs, code libraries, tutorials, references, whatever. Let's see what the GoDaddy developer crowd is using. 🙂

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    Advocate V

    I'm still using Dreamweaver but I spend most of my time in code view.  The code coloring is functional and there are plugins that extend the code hinting to include the Wordpress classes.

    For development, I like CodeIgniter.  It's got a real small initial footprint and then I can load modules as I need them.  Also, it's flexible.  It's nominally an MVC framework but it doesn't force me to change my coding style and doesn't require 30 lines of code to output "Hello world!".  That said, it's certainly capable of seriously complex, scalable applications.

    I've also had some success with Notepad++.  No design view but I don't use it much anyways and for complex projects that have include files and routing through controllers and views, design view is worse than useless anyways.  It has a pretty active community and some very useful plugins like nppFtp for FileZilla like upload/download.  Oh and it's free (GNU General Public License).

    Keep on Coding!
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    Advocate VII

    I use DreamWeaver and Notepadd++.  Most of my coding now centers around WordPress and EcommerceTemplates so I seldom have to start from scratch on anything. 



    Not Just Pretty Sites, Pretty Doggone Smart Sites

    @JMPepper @D3  Funny to see Notepad++ mentioned. Haven't used it in ages, but it was my de-facto editor on Windows for many years. I've been working with Atom mostly.


    A few resources I want to add to the list, since I've been noodling on coding standards lately: