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    VPS Server issues

    Hi All,


    So we have a VPS server that is self managed. The issue we are having now is that some of our websites are not loading and if they are take about a minute or two to load.


    Currently when I log into view the server it shows 

    CPU: 17.11%
    Disk: 70.57%

    RAM: 64.87%


    When I try and access WHM it sometimes load after 2-5 minutes or ill get an Internal 500 error.


    When I click on Cpanel if one of our domains I get this message. I can't even FTP into it to download files. I called Support but pretty much told me I am on my own which is very discouraging. They told me I should SSH into the server and investigate that.


    7-24-2018 8-12-53 AM.png


    Here is an output of the TOP command from ssh

    7-24-2018 8-18-00 AM.png


    Pretty much lost here so any help would be appreciated.