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    VPS Updating Forever



    Hi, has anyone encountered a problem setting-up a new VPS? I purchased a VPS and selected CentOS 7 for the OS. It just keeps loading and doesn't seem to complete.


    Any help will be appreciated. 

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    Re: VPS Updating Forever

    Attention GoDaddy: Can I have my money back for the VPS that doesn't just work?

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    Re: VPS Updating Forever

    Hi @jmlozares,


    Are you going to also install your own cPanel on your server? If so Centos minimal is recommended. See also cPanel site : https://cpanel.com/products/


    If not then I would look carefully at your Centos installing package. Only install from Centos page:



    .....and read the docs. What incidentally is your domain? It is very easy to check whether your server is functioning, as I am sure you know. 

    If you are having difficulties then I recommend either you install your own cPanel as well, or upgrade to install Godaddy's cPanel. It makes life easier.......................


    If you still wish for a refund you will have to chat with support: