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    VPS hosting ... installed CWP ... now what?

    I thought I bought a semi-managed VPS, but apparently it's unmanaged.  However, Linux appears to be installed and I installed CWP as a control panel. 


    What do I do next?  How do I access CWP,  and what do I need to do to set up a website?  I installed:

    Apache & Varnish Cache & Nginx Reverse Proxy (Varnish on 80,

    Nginx on 82,

    Apache on 8181 [Varnish Conf])


    If I FTP in all I see is the .ssh folder and some .bash files.  I used the account I created for the FTP login credentials ... do I need to FTP in as root to see more folders?


    I'm not sure how to proceed and any help is appreciated.  I've had VPS where I had to build/install everything from Linux on up and I've had managed VPS with quasi-root access where Linux, Apache, send mail, ftp, etc were already there.


    What do I "get" with this unmanaged vps and how do I go forward?  Thank you.

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