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    VPS kernel modules for iptables - Deluxe 4 GB Virtual Private Server

    Dear Godaddy Support,

    We have purchased a Deluxe 4 GB Virtual Private Server for 2 years recently and we have just realized the necessary kernel modules to use iptables are not enabled by default.

    We are managing a large amount of servers and it is important for us to preserve the consistency of our infrastructure which based on using netfilter with shorewall.

    Could you please us help and enable the related kernel modules on our VPS?

    Thank you for your help!

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    Helper V



    There is different packages for the vps.... there is a package for godaddy to take care of your server, then their is the package for you to take care of your own server.

    Depending on the package you purchased, depends if godaddy will do such a thing for you for free.

    Check which package you purchased then call godaddy up if you purchased the package where they take care of your vps. Otherwise we do all this kind of stuff ourselves.

    Replying to you will get this bumped up and maybe a employee will see your post ??

    Wish you well

    Mrsroadrunner Photography