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    What is ASP.NET Configuration for Website - Connection String settings for in Plesk?

    I see a connection string to an MS SQL database, named "aspnetdb.mdf", but I don't understand what this connection string is for.  I don't see any reference to the purpose of the ASP.NET Configuration for Website settings on GoDaddy's help pages.  What is the aspnetdb.mdf connection string used for?


    Under a separate Database page on my account, I am allowed one MS SQL database and I can access it and even create new tables.  


    I developed a ".mdf" database in my App_Date subfolder using Visual Studio and just want to publish it to a similar subfolder on the server and have all my webpages reference it instead of the default set up in the Database page on my account.  Is this possible?

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    Community Team
    Community Team

    Hello @BruceS, I was able to find this thread over on the forums that should answer your question: Thanks.



    Reading the threads, I noticed a statement, "It is just a regular Database file stored in your application under the App_Data/ directory; which you have to deploy to SQL server at the final stage of development."


    Question: Can I just simply add additional tables to the aspnetdb.mdf file and test and deploy my website with data in it instead of another server location?  Can't I password protect it?   Is using an .mdf database during production stored in the App_Data not secure or standard for some reason?  Why do I 'have to deploy to SQL server at the final stage of development'


    I'm just trying to learn?  Thanks for any insight.

    Since this is a programming question, I assume it should be in the GoDaddy Developer's forum. That might not help get an answer but I hope it does not make it less likely you will get an answer.


    I have not had any success getting help with questions like that. GoDaddy customer support of course cannot help. There does not seem to be any developers looking at these forums.


    I tried creating an ASP.Net Web Forms Site in Visual Studio. I made a few trivial changes and tested it locally; it works. I don't know how to deploy it to GoDaddy. See Deploying an "ASP.NET Web Forms Site" to a remote host | The ASP.NET Forums. I had not seen the last reply there so I don't know how helpful the C# Corner article is. I hope it helps you.