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    Which hosting to choose for video streaming?

    We are building a website like Vine. Users will be able to upload and watch short videos. Would it be fine to start with a shared hosting account or do you think it is better to go with a cloud, VPS or a dedicated hosting?


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    Helper III

    The answer to your question depends greatly upon the number of simultaneous users you intend to support.  For the services you plan to offer, shared hosting will probably be inadequate.  The maximum I/O speed on shared hosting plans is about 2MB/second.  This may be fine for one or two people at a time, but you're not going to be able to handle much more than that.


    Either VPS or a dedicated server is going to be the way to go.  Dedicated servers are going to be faster than VPS, but also significantly more expensive.


    My recommendation would be to start with VPS, and upgrade to a dedicated server when your site starts getting a larger audience.


    I'm sure there are folks on here with other opinions, hopefully some others will also speak up, especially others who have been in similar situations.  I hope this information can help you make a decision, and good luck with your site!

    Helper I

    I want to ask how is the streaming quality/speed on godaddy ultimate shared hosting for video on demand purposes?

    Is it require a third party video player to stream for every devices?

    Or we should go with vps or amazon s3, cloudfront alternatives?


    Would it be significant difference between amazon s3 and godaddy shared hosting video streaming?

    How much speed Godaddy Shared hostings have when it comes to download the videos from server? Editor