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    Wordpress site still says running PHP 5.2, even though I updated it to 5.4

    I updated my site to PHP 5.4 via the GoDaddy UI. However, my Wordpress sites still say I am running an older version of PHP. What can I do to troubleshoot this, and get it pointing to 5.4?


    Example Error:   "This plugin requires WordPress 4.0 or greater, and PHP 5.4 or greater. You are currently running WordPress 4.5.2 and PHP 5.2.17. Please contact your website host or server administrator for more information. The plugin has been deactivated."


    I just updated some plugins and now I am getting errors, and my site is a bit of a mess now.  Please help!

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    Hi Creakydoor.


    It might be delayed slightly. Otherwise, you can use a php info() script to check the current PHP version on your site. You can also contact our support teams to have them check the current PHP version. It could also be an issue with that specific plugin.


    Perhaps one of our community members will be familiar with the plugin you are trying to use and will be able to offer some more suggestions.



    Gary - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
    24/7 Support | Check System Status

    I changed it to 5.4 months ago, so I don't think it's a timing issue.

    And, I have multiple plugins giving the same message about PHP version.

    Looks like I'll need to contact support.


    Have you looked on the CPanel to see what version your site is set to?

    I have the same issue, and I'm using the GoDaddy classic hosting, so I don't have cPanel access. The GoDaddy control panel says I'm using PHP 5.6, but phpinfo() shows that it's still 5.2.17. I made the update over a week ago.

    So what's going on with this?  Any answers?


    I selected 5.6 days ago, but phpinfo() still says 5.2.17, and now I'm getting wordpress plugin warnings.

    SOLVED: renamed root level .htaccess to .htaccess.disabled (you could probably just delete it or rename it to anything else).  Then phpinfo() reports 5.6 and my wordpress sites stopped complaining.

    This worked for me too. Deleting my custom .htaccess seems to have kicked out whatever was loose.

    I use .htaccess to restrict the numerous bots that are scanning my website (and, in some cases, are so poorly written that they chew up all of my memory).  How will that be handled if I eliminate .htaccess?

    This shouldn't be an "either/or" situation (either you can manage other parts of your site but create PHP/plugin issues or you lose all control of your site). 


    Did you have php-specific entries in your .htaccess that were overriding/blocking the PHP information?