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    php error log file in a Windows + Plesk + php 5.4 hosting environment

    I'm configuring a MediaWiki install and running into a few problems, 500 errors.

    In a few cases I was able to get the error message to appear on screen, but having php error logs would be ideal.


    I turned on error logging in the PHP Settings Plesk screen with no success. Log files aren't being recorded anywhere that I can see. I've also tried combinations of telling it to show all errors & notices, just errors, to display errors on screen and in logs, and only in logs. Still no logs.


    Any ideas?



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    Community Team
    Community Team

    Error logs like the ones your describing are a function of an Apache server, so it wouldn't be available on a Plesk hosting plan that uses IIS.  

    You can enable detailed errors in Plesk hosting plans by updating your web.config file per the following instructions. ^M