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    php mailer can't send to own domain from site

    Hi - I have some forms setup on my web site and when I submit the form using php mailer they send fine if I put the to, cc, bcc addresses as any domain other than my own.


    for instance if my domain was xyz.com


    if i put the to field as support@xyz.com I never recieve it however if i set it to support@abc.com I receive it.


    Is there something on the server preventing php mailer from sending emails to itself?


    if I send an email from my domain to myself I recieve it fine.


    Something seems to be blocking it.


    Thanks in advance.





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    Community Manager

    Hi @plasmoid

    This sometimes happens if you're hosting a site on cPanel if you have your email hosted outside of cPanel itself. By default, cPanel assumes that domains that are hosted locally (on the account) also have email set up on the account. This is part of the account's MX Entry settings. If you are hosting your email outside the cPanel account (with another provider, on Workspace Email, on Office 365, etc.) you'll need to update the MX Entry setting to be "remote" as opposed to "local". For more on that, you can read this article.


    Anyone else in the Community have possible solutions or thoughts? 


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