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Join us for Expand 2021: A special event for web professionals (April 27-28)

Hey everyone,


Heads up: We’re hosting a special event on April 27-28 exclusively for web professionals.


Expand 2021 is a virtual event that brings the web design and developer community together to share ideas and experiences, make connections and support each other.

Thinking about starting a side hustle? Have a few years of full-time freelance work under your belt? It’s all good! No matter your experience level, we want you to join us.


April 27: Day 1, Start + Build

The first day of Expand 2021 is dedicated to building up your business efficiently and effectively to do the most for your clients. Learn how to communicate and collaborate, create quality work, and set yourself up for success.


April 28: Day 2, Thrive + Grow

The second day of Expand 2021 is all about continuing what you’ve already started. Learn how to streamline your workflow, make the most of your time, and grow your business and your brand.

We’ll also be joined by members of the GoDaddy Pro team, sharing the latest and greatest of what we’re building to help web professionals find more time to do their best work.

Check out the event page for more details.


We'll have more to share here in the GoDaddy Community as we get closer to the event.


In the meantime...



There’s never been a better time for web professionals. Millions of local small businesses are trying to get online right now. Let’s work together to help them succeed.


Senior Community Manager, GoDaddy Pro
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