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    403 error - can't create a new webpage

    I have inherited a website from another developer and I am having trouble creating a new page for our website. We'll call it mydomain/seller.


    I have copied the script from an existing page directly in an attempt to "clone" an existing page to work from. When I try to go to the new page, I receive a 403 error stating that the server is unable to read the htaccess file. I have confirmed that the htaccess file has already been created. 


    I thought it might be a problem with the script, so I tried an iteration with only a  body tag and some text. That worked to a  degree...I still receive the error when I try mydomain/seller, but I was able to see the plain text site if I navigated to mydomain/seller.php. When I have the duplicated script running, even trying mydomain/seller.php produces the 403 error. 

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