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    404 error...again :'(

    Hey guys,


    Okay, I know that I've mentioned this error a few months ago and yes, I did manage to sort it out. But, seriously, this is still giving me a headache.  I'll try to explain if you bare with me.


    Right, here goes nothing.  A few months ago, I posted that I was receiving the 404 Forbidden error when you type into the address bar my domain name/directory/filename, e.g. https://www.dysphasia.co.uk/aboutUs/aboutUs.html.  And it was due to my server having something turned on (it's early in the UK, so I can't really remember what it is called (sorry)) and I turned it off and it's worked.


    Now, I am trying to finish my website up and get it 'Search Engine friendly' and I have looked at the product that GoDaddy has - Search Engine Visibility - and it says there are 14 pages with errors - the 404 error.  The picture follows. But how can this be?




    Then I used Website Audit from Link Assistant and it too said that I had a 404 error on 14 pages, as usual, the picture follows:




    So, please tell me, how do I get to change this by telling any software like the two that I've shown not to see these 'pages' as if I look on my website and follow every single link, there are no errors.


    I am so sorry to be a nuisance with this problem and I can safely say that if this gets fixed, then I will shut up about the error!


    Yours truely,






    "Man is still the most extraordinary computer of all." - John F. Kennedy

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    Community Manager
    Community Manager

    Re: 404 error...again :'(

    Hi @damouk23. I think you're talking about hotlinking, which was discussed in this post. This seems to be something different since the link you shared works. Your screenshot shows the list of links that would be relevant for a specific page. The screenshot shows that the link to /dld/cookies.html is broken. I do see a link to that file in your cookies notice banner at the bottom of the page (for the page you linked to). I don't see the other links on that page, so I'm guessing the screenshot is referencing a different one. Hope that helps. 


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