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    Access Denied on website



    I'm getting "Access denied on this server" every time I try to log into my account or go on the website.

    The only pages I can see is this one and 'my domains' (only because it's bookmarked I think), even 'help' or 'contact us' are down.


    Is someone else having that issue ? Need to get work done! 


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    Re: Access Denied on website



    I've been in and out of many areas of GoDaddy all day without any issues.  And the Network Status page is not showing any known/acknowledged issues either.


    If your account is up to date and in good standing, you could contact GD to see if they are aware of anything.  


    Some browser settings can produce that message too.  Do a search for that error message with the browser you are using for suggestions.


    HTH! 😉


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