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    Add Google Form to my personal website

    Does anyone know of a way to add a form from my Google drive to my personal website?  The form has 10 selections via check mark box that I want people to be able to use & submit to an email address.  The small form box that Go Daddy currently offers for a personal website just isn't enough.   Would I add the Google form using HTML code?  If so, how do I do that?

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    Re: Add Google Form to my personal website

    Hi @DancersofDeNile


    Thank you for your post. There may be different ways to go about what you are trying to accomplish, however  before we can recommend solutions we will need to know what platform you are building the website with.  Is this a Wordpress site? Are you using one of the website builders such as  Version 7, OnlineStore, GoCentral, etc.


    Most likely the form would be added via HTML or by hyperlinking to the form from the website.


    Best wishes!



    Re: Add Google Form to my personal website

    I actually have the same question - I'm building a simple website hosted of Go Daddy using the GoCentral builder/templates.... but my 'form' (multipart and many types of questions) has been already built in Google Forms... how can I add it?


    I know how to do it with WordPress... and I tried to use that same method (copy/paste the iframe info from the form) but didnt' realize it isn't as easy (or even possible?) With Go Daddy, which makes the last 5 hours of my life a bit of a waste...


    Any thoughts you can point me toward... many thanks!


    Re: Add Google Form to my personal website

    never mind! I figured it out - it is in the HTML section of the website builder.... I tried using blog first...