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    Add a destination to Bookings

    Hi All,


    We have started a car booking business and i have the web page up and running with godaddy. I have the app that allows my customers to book a vehicle ( time, date, pickup address ), but it only shows the service at their location. Is there a way to also add a destination in?


    Any help would be greatly appreciate.

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    See you didn't receive a response...


    I played around with my test store and see no ability (or workaround) to also add a separate field to add a destination.


    With web builder apps you are limited by what the application does at this time.  Maybe this is something GoDaddy may consider adding in the future?  You can keep track of the latest GoCentral feature additions here. 😉


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    Hi @Jaseth thank you for taking the time to submit the feedback. We are working on a plan to enable you to add an additional question for customers when they book a service, such as the destination. We will keep you posted. Are there other unmet needs? Please keep the suggestions coming!

    Pianpian, GoDaddy product manager