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    Add email to contact page

    I have a page that is a list of board members. I would like to hyperlink the members' email addresses. In other programs I simply highlight the text, click the hyperlink icon, add "mailto: johndoe@something.com". This does not seem to work here. Is there a way to make the text of the email address a link that opens an email message?


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    Re: Add email to contact page



    You could add the full mailto link code:


     <a href="mailto:example@email.com">your anchor text</a>

    by using the HTML custom code widget for that section.


    BUT by using clickable links like this bots and scrapers look for that code and will farm those addresses.  Thereby increasing each address' spam potential dramatically!


    Instead just display the email addresses by using ASCII code in lieu of the actual email address.  So example@email.com would look like:



     but display as example@email.com.   There is an online tool to make this easy for you here.


    Another option is to just note addresses as: example at email.com.   Visitors can then see and copy and paste an address without it having to be clickable.


    Better yet use a form to avoid email addresses from being harvested by spammers.


    HTH! 😉





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    Re: Add email to contact page



    Re: Add email to contact page

    When I try the ASCII method it simply shows as ASCII when I preview, not as an email address.


    Is there some trick I am missing?


    If I add "<a href=mailto:"     "</a> it works as an email link and launches my email program but still populates the To field with the ASCII text


    UPDATE: It works if the section is an HTML section. Which is almost useless as there is no way of formatting the html to reference the google font used in the design.