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    Adding Action Button to Menu

    I am trying to add an action button to the "Menu" section of my website. But it doesn't give me the option. I want each of my "menu" items to have a call to action button directly below the description. Help!

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    Re: Adding Action Button to Menu



    There is no way to do this in GoCentral.  The menu is dictated by the pages you create and will display as the theme you chose is setup to display.


    What you are asking about would require custom coding that is not possible on GoCentral and would even be a unique customization on any type of website.


    If I am misunderstanding what you mean, just let me know. 😉


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    Re: Adding Action Button to Menu

    Hi @mindfulorganize,


    Welcome to the Community!

    While you can add an "action button" in a section on any/every page, only the page title will show up in the menu. Visitors would have to go to the page on the menu to see this option. However, if every page has an action option, you can name your pages to indicate this. For example, "Sign up to Volunteer", "Option to Donate", Take Action on issues" - as page titles to send visitors in the right direction. 



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