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    Adding Landing Pages

    Just worked out that if you want to add some basic landing pages create a Drop Down navigation item, then add your landing page under this. Hide the initial navigation page from view but leave this second level page visible. The url for this hidden yet online page will be www.yoursite.com/landingpagename . The navigation item that you have hidden does not appear in the URL. 

    You will not be able to navigate TO this page from within your site, but if you chose the opposite is easy. This can be useful if you have an online ad where a specific info/landing page can back it up, but that does not fit into the site topic / navigation. 

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    Re: Adding Landing Pages

    Hi @Dr_C, thanks for posting.

    When you are using GoCentral Website Builder, you can remove pages from the navigation. In the page settings for each page, there is an option to "Show in Navigation."


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    Re: Adding Landing Pages

    I'm not sure I understand this original question, e.g. why you would have more than one landing page? I could see having more than one page, but not more than one landing page. Could you explain further?


    My issue may be similar to this. Perhaps you can help. I already have a domain and url that is my landing page. When I add the GoCentral store, I want to tie it in as additional pages. So, can I leave my orig. landing page/site and change the "Home" page in GoCentral to "Online Boutique"? The tabs would be additional pages, such as www.mysite.com/online-boutique? If so, when I get ready to publish, do I just make the url www.mysite.com/online-boutique? Thanks!


    Re: Adding Landing Pages

    It was more an info post as I could not find the solution myself. 

    The main use of landing pages is as part of a promotion from another online location. The information might be to a specific customer group,  and not meant for general consumption. I also use them to provide existing customers with specific information / help which is also not designed for cold customer contact, and I therefore want to have hidden. The URL is the name given to each individual page on your site, so if your business is called Online-Boutique, then the main URL is www.online-boutique.com which will be your home page name. Each page you create then adds .../otherpages to this URL. You control the name of the URL by altering the name of the page. 

    If you want to hide just a single page, then create it for the main navigation, and click the slider to hide it. The URL for this hidden page will then be www.yoursite.com/hiddenpage

    If you know you need multiple landing pages, then create a Drop Down page for the main navigation, and click to hide it. In the next level down create your landing pages, these do not need to be hidden. The URL for these pages will be www.yoursite.com/landingpagename

    From what I could tell you cannot change a home page to another type, you can change the name of it though. You will need to edit the content, and if you need the old type, copy/paste it to a new page as required.