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    Adding Page Anchor Links to Website Builder?

    I'm using go daddy website builder and would like to set up links at the top of a page that will take you to the copy in further down in the page.

    Anyone know how to do this

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    Re: Mid Page Link?

    Hey @gpn22mcguire


    Let me start by welcoming you to the Community! Glad to have you join us! Smiley Happy

    Sounds like you're looking to use HTML anchors. Unfortunately, we don't provide specific tools for this function as it requires custom coding of your page to accomplish. If you're familiar with the coding required to utilize anchors you can try adding these into your page designer with the HTML code tool we provide. 


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    Re: Adding Page Anchor Links?

    I think you mean page bookmark sometimes called anchor tags You use this when you want your visitor to "go to" a given location on your web page. If you want to send them to another page i.g Click Here for more info then you would insert Anchor Text and embedded url of the page you want them to visit. 


    I don't know how GD page builder works but if you have access to the html code you can bookmark and add anchor text. I not sure I can place a link on this forum so do a google search. If you don't have access to the code you are at the mercy of GoDaddy. 


    Re: Adding Page Anchor Links?

    This leads to a more significant question I've been asking myself, Can you achieve a robust digital experience with a GoDaddy hosted Wordpress page? I started with Wix, Weebly, and SquareSpace, 6 ideas later I finally have the strategy but the manpower isn't attainable in my opinion.

    I'm very knowledgeable but it's simply too difficult for myself to have the answers to specifics of web development and while learning is great, I'm thinking taking more structured employment at the entry level learning computer science fundamentals (like we should have in HS when they were shoving AP work down our throats), will be a more practical choice. After all, it's 4:30 AM on a weekday and I'm glad to be awake but I'm writing about pain points of Wordpress users on the wordpress forum because my personal site I just created will remain simple as my strategy says, but I have a tech publication which was propagated, which I learned today. 

    I'm comparing myself to you folks who are the WordPress kings and queens who teach me this information in the first place and I'm ever so glad I learned about digital marketing in my 20's and didn't continue my horrid miserable corporate life. 

    Living a life as an entrepreneur is possible without holding a part-time job or having some form of income, but it's not easy. I take feedback in a very constructive manner and I feel as if Web Developers don't want to give negative vibes to entrepreneurs with passion (but little to no tech knowledge). 


    I find myself enjoying the writing experience so much more. If GoDaddy continues to bind together to facilitate widespread adoption (as you currently are), the future outcomes should be analyzed and an opportunity cost should be identified. Why aren't venture capitalists spending money.... is where I am getting!! GoDaddy - do yourselves a huge favor and light passion into the eyes of folks like myself and start offering ways to capitalize on a positive digital experience to bring the users back

    Disclaimer: and I know there are a LOT of you who are fluent, it blows my mind and I have much respect.

    I'm spending quite a bit (hundreds more than I planned on from the start but this stuff is truly fun and it's profitable) but I feel like I'm at a disadvantage. I could be a millennial having a bad day so I end up taking my anger out on an external force by writing this lengthy post but I wonder if any truth lies with my statement.


    Do WordPress users struggle to achieve a level of what I would call design-focused creation and innovation? How can one maximize on digital experience and fast track entrepreneurship? You released GoDaddy flare which is freaking awesome, I'm already talking to the hopeful creator of the "Flare Podcast".. Yes, there is already a podcast planned with lots of hype for the app


    One of my many visualizations of the future is entrepreneurs in need of strict certifications for certain freelancing opportunities. I believe the government will spend more money on online marketing than they think and the cloud is simply messing up perceptions unless your educated on the topic (yes, I understand that the cloud is super beneficial when used properly and it's grossly underused with regards to scaling companies digital presence). That being said, I'm pulling a Gary Vaynerchuck and giving the right jab at 4:41 EST on a lonely forum. The response I receive will not only show GoDaddy's true character but also their support (which is really good! Not everyone is a baby genius and I know focus and motivation and goals is a big part but let's see what the WordPress community thinks about the few dollars we have floating around all being thrown towards hosting, social media automation, marketing automation, inbound marketing, and the many other iterations of traditional marketing. The following words is what I see when I go to my newly designed, much less "busy" webpage:

    This site can’t be reached

    www.dctechtrends.com refused to connect.


    • Reloading the page
    • Checking the connection
    • Checking the Proxy and Firewall

    That is depressing. Not many have the focus (or caffiene) to pull 8 months of continuous failure with regards to web development but this is the ultimate failure. I've got my podcast launch and the release of my beta newsletter so I'm doing my part. Your help has been great but what MORE can be done to innovate in America? Is anyone else experiencing similar frustration? I do not rant with other people, I'm laser focused believe it or not and I've had the privilege of indexing a few thousand pages into google and almost reaching the social following of 10k (between all mediums) and reach of 500k. No matter the case, I hope this gives those of you with great design the motivation and confidence to continue your idea. The time will come, trust me. 

    Re: Adding Page Anchor Links?

    I too am frustrated with the removal of the V6 anchor tool in V7. This should be a simple change if the demand is there.


    I used it to link to a specific point on another web page. This reduced the multiplicity of pages needed.

    The anchored data was then followed with a link to the originating point.


    We like to think of new versions being improvements. Not always so.



    Re: Adding Page Anchor Links?

    Just adding my voice to the frustration with Version 7.  This is just ONE of the many problems I've encountered with the updated version.  And, you're right, new versions don't equal improvements.  So, so true. 

    Re: Adding Page Anchor Links?

    Another user frustrated with the loss of anchor codes in this new version.  Disappointed!

    Re: Adding Page Anchor Links?

    I hope you decide to add anchors in the next version.  It helps eliminate multiple pages and would help GoDaddy be more competitive in this space.

    Re: Adding Page Anchor Links?

    Use a div tag instead. Adding image of my response, couldn't get the text to work here.


    Re: Adding Page Anchor Links to Website Builder?

    I just relunctantly switched versions and realized the anchor function is no longer. If this is not added very quickly I will take my domain elsewhere. Just using it to go back to "The Top of the Page" was invaluable! And I used it for article searching, etc. VERY disappointed!

    Helper II

    Re: Adding Page Anchor Links to Website Builder?

    Yes i do

    Helper II

    Re: Adding Page Anchor Links to Website Builder?

    How to add a basic anchor tag in Website Builder v7 .


    I too was very frustrated by the fact that this most basic of functions (anchor tag) is missing in v7. Anchor tag allows you to have a link at the top of a page, and rather than going to another page, it shoots you to a place further down the same page. Perfect for a Knowledge Base for example when you may only have a simple paragraph answer, it does not make sense to have to create a whole new page for that.


    It would be so easy for GD to add as a point and click like a hyperlink, but for some reason they have not. Although this is MUCH more work that it needs to be (hint GD), below is how I did it on my Tech Knowledge Base page which i will use in my example. Hope someone finds this useful.


    SOURCE- What you want user to click on.

    1. Create the source link at the TOP of the page like this for example, the KB article name: 
      • KB10801 - How do I set up a multiple monitor computer system?
    2. Create a hyperlink on KB10801 with the FULL path of the URL of the page, but add the anchor name at the end (will create that in a moment).


    DESTINATION - Where you want to take the user further down the page.

    1. Go down to destination point further down the page where you want to end up. At the start of the KB article in my example
    2. Create the anchor tag. (This is the part that is much harder than it needs to be).
    3. Insert a GD HTML CODE element at that point taking up the whole line or width of page so on mobile the layout stays intact (Website Builder is NOT responsive, another missing attribute in WB v7). Use as the title of the article works best. In the HTML code element add the anchor and any formatting you want, like this: 
      • ((a name="kb10801")) KB10801 ((/a)) - How do I set up a multiple monitor computer system?

      • ((replace parenthesis above with "< >" open/close tags, this form would not allow it))



      • Create another HTML code box at the very top of the page where you want link to go EX: ((a name="top")) . ((/a))
      • ((replace parenthesis above with "< >" open and close tags, this form would not allow it))
      •  NOTE cannot be blank or it will not work. Had to make a "period" and make same color as background so it does not show.
    1. Create new Back to Top BUTTON (it will not work with words has to be a button.)
    2. Create a hyperlink on that button to link to TOP above like this:
      1. https://www.naplestech.com/nti-knowledge-base.html#top
      2. Just copy and paste that button at various points throughout your page, link is the same.

    If you find this to be helpful let me know. 


    Re: Adding Page Anchor Links to Website Builder?

    A dirty workaround is to copy GDs generated code from preview and then to use it.

    Re: Adding Page Anchor Links to Website Builder?

    Very helpful! Though I will add my name to the list of folks that wishes GoDaddy would add an anchor function to the next update of website builder.

    Re: Adding Page Anchor Links to Website Builder?

    Thank you so much for this information!!! I have been able to finally get the anchor tags to work on my website!!!!



    Re: Adding Page Anchor Links to Website Builder?

    Thank you very much for providing the HTML code!  My HTML is a bit rusty!  Now, the anchor is invisible on my pages' white background.  

    I originally wrote

    ((a name="Audition")(font color="White"))Audition((/font)(/a)) but GD changed it to

    (a name="Audition")(font color="White"))Audition(/font)(/a).  


    Re: Adding Page Anchor Links to Website Builder?

    Why would GD remove anchoring functionality?  Not a good customer service move.

    Re: Adding Page Anchor Links to Website Builder?

    Ugh... I'm afraid to do the HTML part!  I have to print out those instructions! 


    Re: Adding Page Anchor Links to Website Builder?

    Years later, it seems that we still can't get an anchor link.  This is simple on Wix. 

    Re: Mid Page Link?

    What is the code we need to use, actually type it out for us please


    Re: Mid Page Link?

    (a name="Audition")(font color="White"))Audition(/font)(/a) I used white as the color because I did not want the link visible against a white background. To get to there I used http://......../#Audition to get to it. Is this what you need @AllEstimating?

    Re: Adding Page Anchor Links?

    Also frustrated with the new Website Builder version. This is far too expensive and does not work at all. I am definitely not renewing my subscription to this tool. There are so many more user-friendly tools out there. What's the point of having to use HMTL to manage the limitations of Website Builder?   very frustrating